Meet Eli.

More Intuitive.

More Powerful.

More Immersive.

Vicara Motion

Powered by Vicara Motion Engine specially designed to create immersive experiences by merging digital and physical reality that are used in AR/VR, IOT and much more of how the devices around us operate.

Bluetooth LE

Low Latency

Haptic Feedback

Long Battery Life

Presentation Mode

Think you know Presentations?

Think Deeper.

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Works Universally.
Like a Charm.

Eli works seamlessly with any sofware you to present at your office meetings or online pitches. Comptatible with both Windows and MacOS gives you complete flexibility over your keynote or powerpoint. Other programs like google slides and prezi are also supported by eli and its powerful functionalities.

Feature List

  • Highlighter Mode

  • Air Brush

  • Mask Mode

  • Haptic Timer

  • Laser Pointer


Highlight any piece of text while giving your life's most important presentation. With capacitive touch sensors you can achieve it in one tap. And you can customise that action using our control centre.

Change stroke weight
and color to your needs.

Snaps to text for smoother highlight.

Air Brush

Entering into Air Brush mode gives you the flexibilty to make special points and notes on top of your content. You can further save it in the exact state for better collaboration and references or erase it all to revert back to your clean presentation state.

Change stroke weight
and color to your needs

Snaps to text for
smoother highlight.

Make impactful
details of your

Increase or decrease the size of mask using the touch pad.

Mask Mode

Our mask mode is more powerful tthan any other out there. Select any region on your slide and Eli will emphasize on the selected region greying and blurring out the rest of the region. It also magnifies the region selected for masking.

Never miss your timings.

Haptic Timer

To keep your presentations on track, the Eli comes with a timer that let's you know how long before the show gets over so never miss your timings. While the timer is running, the Eli will send haptic feedback in the form of mild vibrations to remind you of it.

Customise the timer threshold in ourcontrol center.


A digital pointer to assist your audience keep track of what you are explaining in a meeting or a conference. The accuracy of our laser pointer makes sure you talk and express in real-time.

Change sensitivity andcustomize colors.

Resize the pointer in our control center.

Touch Gestures

Touch Gestures

Our hybrid touch pad combining spatial and touch gestures seamlessly harmonize to provide you an immersion beyond expectation.


Double Tap

Tap  Hold


Swipe Up

Swipe Left

Swipe Right

Swipe Down

Spatial Gestures

Spatial Gestures

Twist In

Twist your wrist inward to enable the gesture to move backward up in browser or folders or to undo any actions.


Shake the Eli left and right in the air to enable this gesture to jump to the homepage of a browser or erase anything on the screen dusring presentation.

Twist Out

Twist your wrist outward to enable the gesture to move forward up in browser or folders or to redo any actions.

Air Mouse

A mouse but in the air.

Air Mouse

A mouse but in the air.

Tap -> Single Click

Double Tap -> Double Click

Hold -> Right Click


Fits in your Pocket.

Thin and Light.

WIth 8.4mm thickness and ultra light structure, Eli is portable enough for anybody's pocket.


Built‑in sensors on our
capacitive touch and
latency less an average
50ms makes Eli the most
reliable thing you carry.


Works whenever you want.

Type-c Charging

Upto 30-hour Batter Life

Bluetooth 5.0

50m Range

USB 3.0 Dongle


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